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Development of pedestrian traffic in Engels town ( 2009-03-20 )

The project of pedestrian traffic development in Engels town (Saratov region) is aimed at coordinating and expanding the existing system of walking routes, reconstructing a number of the town-valuable junctions, reconditioning of the Krestovozdvizhensky Sobor (Cathedral) destroyed after the revolution. The existing pedestrian zones are disconnected town areas, they are: the part of the embankment (Bereg Volgi Street), the parkway along Lenin Square, the connection between the City Park and Teatralnaya Street, the banking along the town beach and the parkway along Thalmann Street. This project is intended at creating a closed/ringed system of traffic-free zones connecting the main attraction places and establishing new ones. Thus, the projected big pedestrian ring is thought to connect the embankment, the City Park, Teatralnaya Street, Pushkin Square (starting the parkway along Thalmann Street), the garden park (surrounding the reconstructible Krestovozdvizhensky Sobor), the Banny Lake (a very picturesque place of the central town part), and the town beach. It is also suggested to elaborate two small pedestrian rings: the first one is to be created around the Banny Lake; the second one is supposed to connect Teatralnaya Street, Lev Kassil garden park, Detskiy park, the start of the embankment and the projected new entrance to Pushkin Street to face the old mill building (the industrial heritage of the early XX century). Therefore, Pushkin Street is getting broadened, it becomes accompanied by a parkway and a roadway, the latter providing for the transport load decrease in the central part of the town.