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Reconstruction of the Square named after F. Engels ( 2009-10-20 )

The project task was to integrate a flower shop into one of the central squares of Engels town. This square is located among newly erected buildings in the developing residential district of the town. Thalmann Street is one of the main entrances to the square. It provides for the most advantageous perspective of the square with the focus on the F. Engels Monument. Taking into consideration all above stated it was decided to partially place the shop at the underground level with the above-ground entrances into it. Due to such a decision the architects managed to create an above-ground space combining a few functions: that of a transit zone and a public space accompanied by an amphitheater and a fountain. The space composition is developed around the fountain with a roof monitor of the underground level as a center. The entrances are plastically designed triangle elements orienting the streets axes, the latter crossing the square and raying off in different directions. These entrances also serve as hardscape and beautification elements. They are accentuating the angles of the square space.