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Mobildancing. Plaza de la Puerta del Sol in Madrid ( 2014-03-05 )

Architects: Sergey Serdyukov, Nikolay Novichkov, Ekaterina Pitalenko, Pavel Matveev, Natalia Chirkova
Location: Spain, Madrid, Plaza de la Puerta Del Sol
Year of projecting: contest held in 2014
Total area: 10000 sq.m.

Puerta Del Sol area is the interlacing of various events and activities. The square’s history reveals the two major trends in its space transformation: the expansion of the square’s boundaries (until the 20th century), and the gradual decrease in the scope of the above ground transport alongside with the area improvement for pedestrians (during the 20th century). Currently the functional set of the square scenarios is very diverse: holidays, demonstrations, commerce, transport, tourism. The square is very dynamic by its nature and traditional as well.
The space arrangement shall foresee the possibility of the area transformation for different activities and events. It is also important to take into account the local climate, with the sun high and the air dry. Our design decision is based on the three principles:
- 1st principle - the landscape design providing for the multiple scenarios;
- 2nd principal - the mobility of the designed facilities (the possibility of their transformation and relocation, including their grouping into larger objects and their removal for the entire area cleaning up);
- 3rd principle - local climate modeling aimed at increasing the friendliness of the environment.
Both traditional (soft landscaping, canvases, etc.) and technological (fog generators, heat generators, artificial lighting) techniques are applied.
Volumetric and spatial composition of all the designed objects is simple and enables them to be moved. These objects can be distributed over the area and gathered together into one group. If scaled the objects may be divided into two types: 'mobiL' and 'mobiS'.
MobiL – are large multifunctional objects able to comprise a cafe, a cinema, an exhibition; they may be treated also as amphitheaters used for holding events and for reviewing the square area from an unusual and new viewpoint. The 'mobiL' is equipped with fog generators, heat generators and artificial lighting providing for a comfortable environment at any time of day and year.
MobiS - homofunctional small objects – trees in in-built plant pots, shelters, canvases, kiosks.
All the nowadays existing objects shall remain unchanged except for the kiosks. They will turn over a new as a part of 'mobiS'.
The main objective of this project is to create a mobile structure of design elements, flexible and suitable to different needs of the unique space, making it possible to take a new look at the beautiful historic ensemble with no damage to it.