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Reconstruction of Teatralnaya Street in Engels ( 2010-06-10 )

Teatralnaya Street is a culture oasis of Engels town: Engels Opera House and Culture Center are located here; further the street leads from the City Park to the Lev Kassil Monument. Lev Kassil is a world famous children's book writer who was born in Pokrovsk (the previous name of Engels). The start of the street is planned to be decorated with another monument dedicated to Alfred Schnittke, the Soviet and Russian composer, a music theorist and a teacher once born in Engels. Present the street development in this part is uneven consisting of a few three-storied permanent buildings (constructed in the 50’s of the past century) separated by single-storied wooden houses with brick facades and adjoining grounds. These facades might be of certain value as environmental objects establishing regional architectural specific features. While reconstruction, the permanent buildings will be retained with possible revision of their functionality, the most valuable facades of single-storied wooden houses will also be preserved, the cleared up area is supposed to be filled in with a multifunctional center aimed at diversifying the citizens’ pastime. The street reconstruction is deemed to be accomplished in the spirit of the two unique personalities once born in Engels (Pokrovsk): Lev Kassil and Alfred Schnittke. Thus the street itself may become a memorial to the two Geniuses of the town, as if personifying the dialogue between literature and music.