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Stage Director – Yu. Osherov (People’s Artist of Russia)
Director – A. Soloviev (People’s Artist of Russia)
Acting Coach – N. Panteleeva (Honored Artist of Russia) 
Scenery - SNOU Project

A graduation play presented by the 4th year drama students of Saratov State Conservatoire named after L.V. Sobinov. The performance spectators are young people, teenagers, i.e. the specific audience for the Theatre for the Young.  Directors and teachers purposed at getting such fundamental human values as love, sense of duty, honor and dignity across to the spectators. The architects’ main idea was to erase the time-based visual barrier separating the audience of the early XXI century from the characters of the play of the late XIX century by artistic means. To do so the architects exploited the universal language of fashion and design so characteristic of the neo-bourgeois secular society. The main plot of the play is unravelling in the four spaces - the apartments of London noblemen. The play starts in the morning-room in Lord Windermere's house, then passes through to the drawing room of the same, later the plot unwinds in the glamorous Lord Darlington's rooms and finally gets back to the puritan interior of the Windermere's house.
The stage space is made interactive. While the play, the scenes are getting transformed from one to another thus responding to the events,with the use of vertical drapings tailored in art deco style and decorated with large-sized patterns created in the spirit of aestheticism, so characteristic of Aubrey Beardsley (the famous illustrator and black-and-white artist well-known for his drawings for Oscar Wilde's plays, Salome in particular).
The costumes perform a catwalk collection. For example, Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion style being reconceptualized is cited in the costumes of the late XIX century presented in this play. Social ranking and individuality is displayed in the clothing of each play character. Main characters are marked with color intensity and expressive elements. Thus, Lord Windermere is dressed in puritan jeans and a tail-coat. Lord Darlington shows off in a tail-coat a la D&G. Supporting cast is represented graphically melting into the background scenery. It’s necessary to keep in mind that the play was a graduation students’ work, so the initial total project budget was meager. While implementing this project, the budget has significantly decreased. So, it was decided to exploit archive theatrical costumes refinishing them with inexpensive new textiles. The first performance was a success. The audience highly appreciated the work done and the play itself. It was a very positive experience.