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Transforming living room. PARTICIPATION IN TV DESIGN-SHOW ‘KVARTIRNYI ( 2015-04-01 )

Architects: Sergey Serdyukov, Grigory Solomin.
Location: Moscow
Year of projecting: 2015
Total area: 16 sq.m.


The living-room under the project has doors and windows on the three walls out of the four ones, thus making the design task rather complicated. Moreover the owners of the apartment have claimed for the functional diversity to be created in their living-room.

Being driven partially by the existing construction specific features, and partially by the ideas of creating a multifunctional living space, the architects have developed a concept of a functional module enabling to meet a few challenges, i.e to act:
- as a door;
- as a sunshade;
- as a panel hiding a storage system;
- and the most important, as an element allowing to change the interior both functionally and visually.
Shoji screens are installed all around the room taking a little space. When folded they reveal the elements of ‘a new interior’. Different variants of folded shoji screens display new visual and functional scenarios of the interior, each of them being intensified by the individual choice of lighting and furniture arrangement.