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Airpainter. Installation ( 2011-04-19 )

Participating in the Spring Architectural Festival named 'Dialogue with the city' on April 13-16, 2011 and in installation projects show ‘Spirit of the city'. The goal of the festival was to create an object reflecting the spirit of the city.
This object has appeared as a result of the elaboration process on a given topic, and became this process’ materialization. When projecting the surrounding area onto the object, it becomes dematerialized, yet with the remaining possibility of its color sense. It remains on the border between the two states inside-outside. This is as if to paint a wall, which is absent, or to colorize the air. And what's that got to do with the spirit of the city? The spirit is everywhere, but it is almost impossible to be caught, you can only reflect on it. It can only be fixed in a single space point.
The installed object is a cubical shell, on which the surroundings are projected by means of photo printing. Each side of the cube possesses a space projection located behind it. From certain angles, marked with blue circles on the pavement, the image on the object and the really visible one are overlapping. A human silhouette looking up is cut out in the main object facade; this is an entrance into the object. Inside, everything is colored in a rich (sky) blue.
When inside the object, everyone is automatically looking up at the sky.