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Cubic. Bistro ( 2006-03-21 )

CUBIC bistro is located in Kirov Prospect – the main pedestrian route of Saratov city. This prospect is a landmark of the city, a public entertainment place full of recreational facilities. The name CUBIC is a result of all associations with this place ‘raised to the third power’. It is pronounced with the accent falling on U, while initially it was supposed to pronounce this word a la francaise with I accented. This word also implies associations with Cubism. The fundamental concept of this design project intends to unify the outer and inner spaces, to provide for their seamless transition. Flooring and walling materials are coming out of the insides (or v.v. penetrating inside from the outsides). A huge facade floor-to-ceiling glazing allows perceiving the outer from the inside and the inner from the outside. A system of concealed lighting (illuminated ceilings and walls) is used to visually extend the closed space of corridors and halls and to create an effect of continuation. Materials and colors chosen serve to accentuate the space geometry. Active yellow color of the interior is accompanied by orange and red colors of furniture, Pop Art posters are favorably complementing the whole ensemble. The basement level comprises WCs for visitors and staff, some auxiliary kitchen spaces, a utility room and a storage room. The first level consists of the main kitchen space, separated from the food service counter with the glass screen, and the lower dining room. The mezzanine level is occupied by the upper dining room, and a dining room for smokers.