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Waveform. Logistics Centre ( 2013-12-02 )

Architects: Sergey Serdyukov (Chief Project Architect), Elena Suhorukova, Pavel Dyrnaev, A.G. Suhorukov Chief Project Engineer – Megapolis ООО), V.V. Chernov (Structural Engineer – Megapolis ООО), I.N Li (Coordinator – Megapolis ООО)
Customer: RAIS ООО
Location: Saratov region, Volsky Tract.
Year of projecting: 2013
Year of project execution: 2015
Total area: 9600 sq.m.

The logistics center is located along one of the entrance roads to the city of Saratov. The exterior content of the centre presents a direct reflection of its internal functionality - logistics and office. Contrast of these functions has determined the color option of the object. External perception, visual accessibility from different view angles, all-around approach – these unique features are highlighted by horizontal color spreading on facades.
Program: the projected building consists of two blocks/fire compartments:
- warehouse (total area 7368 sq.m.),
- one-storied office unit with a built-in mezzanine floor (total area 2243 sq.m.)
- two-storied unit, each storey of the height 4,5 m.
The main entrance to the office unit of the Logistics Centre and loading docks are designed on the side of Volsky Tract, the same side is chosen as the main entrance for cars/trucks.

WAVEFORM IN WORK from snou project on Vimeo.