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Projecting of a private house not far from Saratov (Samorukovo village) of the total area 370 sq.m. ARTDECO house is a complex idea mixing a quite rational approach (represented by a strict hierarchy of functional areas) with elegance and style. A spacious multi-purpose area consisting of a living room, a dining room, a fireplace and a kitchen area forms the interior core. This space demonstrates the key interior concept: allusion to the late art deco performed in the contemporary laconic manner a la fashionable European and American design collections and interiors. Bed rooms are surrounding the main reception zone, their interior style is following that of the whole living space, i.e. simplicity and grace. Local geometrical objects of contrast colors (combination of black, dark-chocolate, white and gold) and prominent textures are the key techniques applied by the designers while creating the interior. Elegant patrician-styled furniture, lighting and design elements are favorably integrated into the interior and create an atmosphere of coziness and relax. The emotional impact of the interior has been increased due to the effective methods used by the architects with the consent from the customer. All the interior elements are based on the contrast method, including colors and materials. For example, in the bathroom a glossy black textured ceiling is complemented and balanced by the warm and light limestone walls.