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Sunhouse. Country house ( 2012-02-12 )

Architects: Nikolay Novichkov (Chief Project Architect), Julia Seleznyova, Lubov Orlova, Eugenia Borisova (Architects), Vladimir Chernov (Structural Engineer)
Location: Saratov region
Year of projecting: 2011-2012
Year of project execution: 2013-2014

Initial data for designing: South-East as the preferred insolation orientation with respect to the cardinal directions; the preferred site view and desire to get isolated from the neighbors uphill.
Location of the projected construction: along the building line of the housing estate. The L-shape with a benching structure has been proposed as the most appropriate one. Such planning allows getting a pool zone fully isolated from the neighbors, obtaining the maximum possible lighting inside the premises, receiving a good view on the site and planting; finally such disposition is responding to the owners’ request for the rising sun visible out of the master bedroom and dining room.
Space-planning solution: spatially the building is divided into three zones: of common use, for children and for adults. The zone of common use is located in the center, thus unifying all the zones. Children’s zone is placed on the three levels of the house: the ground level comprises a playroom opening onto the courtyard and playground; the first floor contains a bedroom with a spacious walk-in wardrobe; the second floor has two bedrooms opening onto the children’s terrace. Adults’ zone has two levels: the first level has a guest bedroom, sport and spa zone opening onto the pool; the second level has a master bedroom with a terrace attached, a bathroom, a wardrobe and a study. The zone of common use contains a living room with a fireplace zone and a floor-to-ceiling window viewing the courtyard, zone of a kitchen and a dining space, hall. Due to the well-elaborated space-planning solution, every room and zone of the house is provided with daylight.