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N-House. Country house ( 2012-05-20 )

Architects: Grigory Solomin (Project Manager), Nikolay Novichkov (Chief Project Architect), Roman Cherevaty (Architect), Sergey Makarov (Structural Engineer), MEP systems - ALSTRAMERIA ООО
Location: Moscow region, Yaroslavskoe shosse, ‘Lesnaya Polyana’ estate.
Year of projecting: 2011-2012
Total area: 800 sq.m.

The land plot for construction is located in a very picturesque part of the dense pine forest. Initially the site was not big, and after determining the construction footprint (taking into consideration all the necessary facilities to be built and building setbacks to be kept), the area left happened to be rather small. So, it was decided to take the most advantage of terraces. Finally, the building got a complicated configuration, also due to maintaining the existing trees on the site. Nevertheless, this result has satisfied everyone because of achieving an ideal balance between an open yard area and the necessary facilities. The house facades facing adjacent sites are designed as blind as possible, while the facades facing the courtyard are as open as possible, thus providing for the maximum number of terraces. To deepen the impression of interpenetration with the environment the exterior trim is done in wood and stone. The double-height living room is the center of the house, on both sides of which the residential wings are located. The right wing is occupied with the pool, the left one – with bedrooms.