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Reynik house ( 2015-11-26 )

Architects: Nikolay Novichkov, Sergey Serdyukov
Location: Saratov
Year of projecting: 2015
Total area: 245 sq.m.

Initially there were three variants of the spatial arrangement of the house: crosswise, L-shaped and linear. Due to the peculiarities of the land site and the customer’s preferences, the L-shaped variant has been chosen. As a result the courtyard space has become private and absolutely hidden from the traffic way. Moreover, the total area of the courtyard being spacious enough permits to fulfill the customer’s dream: to install a volleyball playground.
Analysis of visual communications made determines the most appropriate arrangement of the courtyard and the house zoning. Visually hidden part of the courtyard comprises the volleyball ground, while the visually hidden part of the house comprises the covered parking and the garage. Visually open part of the courtyard remains free of any objects, while the main part of the house is made of living space. Thus, the middle part of the linear content of the house is occupied with the living room; on the one side it is accompanied by utility space, on the other side – by living space facing the courtyard.
Sauna zone is located between zones of common use and individual use. It was done on purpose to make the sauna accessible for both owners and their guests.