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Marina. Apartment ( 2012-06-01 )

Architects: Sergey Serdyukov, Julia Seleznyova
Location: Saratov, Michurina St./Grigorieva St.
Year of projecting: 2010
Year of project execution: 2011-2012
Total area: 120 sq.m.
Photograph: Konstantin Dubovets

Apartment of total area 120 sq.m. has been projected for a young family consisting of three people. The main idea of this interior is a smooth transition of one space into another, with minimum doors and partitions. The reconstruction has resulted in two separate bedrooms and a bathroom (which is functionally necessary) and a room of common use, where a hall smoothly flows into a living room, a living room into a kitchen and a dining room, and kitchen flows into the balcony with a bar zone. This smooth transition is achieved due to the materials used. The cork flooring is laid throughout the whole apartment. The walls are covered with decorative plaster, except for the bedrooms. Materials similar by the shade and texture create a sense of space integrity. Only bathroom is decorated in contrast to the main interior. Certain simplicity of forms and lines is softened through the introduction of furniture and lighting sources of bionic forms into the interior.