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Sunhouse. Interior. ( 2014-05-12 )

Architects: Nikolay Novichkov, Julia Seleznyova, Eugenia Borisova
Location: Saratov region
Year of projecting: 2013-2014

Functional sunny house for a big family.
The house arrangement and shape were conditioned by its orientation with respect to the cardinal directions. The house is located next to a thick oak forest. The main picturesque view focuses in the north, thus all the large window-panes and windows of the basic premises are oriented in this direction.
Some rooms due to the lack of sun exposure are furnished additionally with the windows facing south. For example, the living room obtains a narrow window; a children playroom gets an additional light through the transparent corridor partition. Bathroom has a light box as a secret exit to the sunny terrace. Therefore, the interior becomes a playground for cold and warm light, while the facade demonstrates the game of big glass surfaces with fine rhythm of small windows.
Light tones and warm colors prevail in the interior. The floor - a bright, warm natural wood, emphasizing the warmth and comfort of a country house – serves as a unifying element.