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Comod. Residential house ( 2014-01-18 )

Architects: Nikolay Novichkov, Sergey Serdyukov, Julia Seleznyova, Lubov Orlova
Location: Saratov, Sokolovaya Gora
Year of projecting: 2012-2013
Year of project execution: approximately in 2014
Total area: 129 sq.m.

Initially the architects faced an old house once possessed by the family of Petr Utkin, a famous Russian painter of the early ХХ century. It was expected to preserve the house and the garden architecture. To do so, all the new objects are being spaced effectively within the lot, their zoning being vertical. It was deemed to avoid sharp boundaries between architecture and garden, so it was decided to create an effect of interpenetrating. The project idea envisages staying inside the house only when dark or cold outside, the rest of the time is foreseen for spending time outside enjoying the atmosphere and spirit of this unique place. A new space-saving house comprises a basic, yet sufficient number of premises.