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Penthouse ( 2013-12-01 )

Architects: Sergey Serdyukov, Julia Seleznyova
Location: Saratov
Year of projecting: 2013
Total area: 400 sq.m.

Apartment above the city... Apartment under project is peculiar of a pretty total area (400 sq.m.), raw-space and an absolutely fantastic view overlooking the city. The owners of this apartment are a family consisting of five members, a part of them being children. All of them are individuals with their unique preferences. The whole space of the apartment is divided in the tree individual zones due to the owners’ different lifestyles and wishes: a main zone of the common use – kitchen – dining-room – living-room; two private zones: for parents and for children (on the second floor). The general unifying interior element both in the zone of the common use and in children’s rooms is the staggering city view well observed out of the panoramic windows. The rest interior elements merely complement the general one with no arguing. Finally, all these zones represent a mix of classic elements, deconstructivist architectural forms, minimalistic surfaces and objets d'art. The private zone of the parents is quiet enough, it is designed as a comfortable, yet functional recreational area. The core of the apartment is gentle and weightless, full of light and air. The apartment seems to be riding on the wind.