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El Hotel. Hotel complex ( 2006-03-30 )

The land plot of the prospective construction is located at the junction of the City Park, the pedestrian part of the embankment and the square. This circumstance has become decisive in regards of the spatial arrangement of the hotel complex: the key idea is to preserve and maximize the visual connection between the embankment and the City Park, to open wide the panoramic view upon the Volga river. At the same time the facades facing the embankment and the square are designed plastically dominating, while the reverse side of the complex is designed in the context of the visual unification with the park zone. View connection with the river is obtained due to the partial separation of the first complex level from the courtyard elevation, thus creating view corridors overlooking the water. Interconnection and faired interception of the hotel building mass and the City Park is realized by means of the vertical park (vegetated platforms integrated into the courtyard frame). As a whole the hotel structure represents: a) a net-shaped structure with a cell dimensions 9х9х3,5 m, this structure comprising public and residential spaces surrounding the atrium, and open recreational spaces; b) a freestanding bionic-shaped restaurant-cafй; c) a platform unifying all these elements.