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Prizma. Art cafe with a showroom ( 2009-04-09 )

Architects: Nikolay Novichkov, Sergey Serdyukov
Location: Engels town, Saratov region
Year of projecting: 2009
Total area: 959 sq.m.

The Art Cafй is located in the central part of Engels town (Saratov region). This place is an active transportation and pedestrian connection point surrounded by the public interest buildings of the local history museum, the municipality and the central hotel. The housing value is mixed: the constructions of the 70-80’s of the XX century are prevailing. The constructible site is located at the crossroad of the streets, one of which is leading to the central town square. The building plan shape is determined by the site boundaries and the intention to emphasize the corner of the residential settlement by filling in the present visual gap with a new construction. The Art Cafй is supposed to become a centre of the town culture life with exhibitions, presentations and live music concerts held. The immediate proximity of the local history museum might pre-condition the development of the art-cluster and other art cafйs within walking distance from the museum.