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Invar. Office ( 2008-03-20 )

Architects: Grigory Solomin, Sergey Serdyukov, Anna Arkhipova, Konstantin Markin
Location: Moscow, Zhuravlev Square
Year of projecting: 2008
Year of project execution: 2011
Total area: 1000 sq.m.

The idea of this office interior is originating from the company’s business as it is. The office space is represented as an urban environment with integrated natural elements (vegetation). At entering the office the main interior message is revealed to a full extent: the existing ambient is a mixture of urban and natural landscapes with a distinctive trend to improving the quality of life, so characteristic of this company. Metropolis inhabitants as well as office residents are lacking the contact with the biological environment. So office corridors are becoming vegetated galleries. Rooms for people communication become grounds with green lawns (carpet flooring). Working area is an open space full of light and serenity. An ash tray placed here is an objet d’art. Thus any person smoking in this room is immediately X-rayed by other people watching him polluting the clear space with poisonous smoke. Graphic inscriptions in Latin (made in the company branded font) on the walls serve both for identifying the space functionality and as an artistic device, thus enriching the interior with details and profound semantic content. As for the materials used: they are no doubt hi-tech, meeting high standards and requirements of the company.