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Copperstone. Office of investment company ( 2011-08-20 )

Architects: Grigory Solomin, Julia Seleznyova
Location: Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya St.
Year of projecting: 2010
Year of project execution: 2011
Total area: 150 sq.m.

The office of the investment company is located in the historic center of the Russian capital, in a heritage-listing building. The space is designed for employees whose everyday routine is to observe and study the stock market. Initially the short time period submitted for the project execution has determined the interior style. The main design principle is avoiding any decoration, minimal use of new finishing materials. The interior basis is created by the already existing surfaces of the structural elements: brick walls, concrete slabs. Interior is mainly monochrome. Only meeting room is accented with a bright red color. Thus, a certain color choice functionally divides the space into zones: the total white room for employees, a vital bright meeting room for negotiations and a dark office for the boss. The lighting in the boss' office is color changeable depending on the performance results and significant changes in the stock market. So, the interior worked out rather ascetic and brutal. Brick, concrete and open utilities create an atmosphere of production facilities. 'What' is produced here - remains a puzzle.