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Office-museum. Schmidt mill house ( 2015-06-25 )

Architects: Nikolay Novichkov, Sergey Serdyukov, Julia Seleznyova, Eugenia Borisova
Location: Saratov
Year of projecting: 2014
Total area: 1200 sq.m.

First step – elaboration of the general territory concept - was made by ТТ architect bureau.

Next step was to conceptualize the insides of the main building of the Mill House.
Initially the Schmidt Mill House was designed by the architect А.М. Salko and later (1874-1879) was erected.
The Schmidt Mill House project is aimed at preserving this cultural heritage. Our analytical insights have resulted in creating the concept of the Office-Museum. This idea is focused on the historical value of the place and its further integration into the office space.
One of the most important challenges was to reveal the architectural potential of the Mill House. The proposed ‘museum + gallery’ structure provides for the crosswise system of pedestrian communications. 'Museum'- is to a greater extent a recreation/educational zone. The black interior of the ‘Museum’ reveals for its visitors a great number of artifacts found in the course of construction, presents pictures of the Mill House made more than one hundred years ago, acquaints with the history of Schmidt family – one of the largest manufacturers of their time (the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries). Transversely to the 'Museum' there are snow-white galleries extended with microspaces purposed for short-time rest and communicating. The entrance zone inside the tower (the donjon), as opposed to the long passages, appears an atrium demonstrating the large scale of construction. Terra-cotta brickwork has been carefully preserved and kept as a main interior finishing. The rest interior materials used – poured-in-place floor, glass, even paint coating – are achromatic.