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RBP. Office of production company ( 2013-06-01 )

Architects: Nikolay Novichkov, Sergey Serdyukov, Julia Seleznyova.
Location: Saratov region, Dubki
Year of projecting: 2012-2013

Interior of RBP office - the production company manufacturing roofing material. Laconic interior is designed in order to preserve the existing environment of the already constructed building. Utilities and existing materials on the ceiling and the walls are the main components of the interior in public areas (entrance, hallways and canteen). All of these elements are unified by the white color, and differ only in various textures. Thus, light-colored corridors with rare bright accents serve as conductors for the people working there. Color accents indicate top-management offices, staircase. The striking game of textures in public areas is balanced by calm practical materials used in offices, such as self-pouring floor, stretch ceiling, smooth texture of the walls. Crowded areas are equipped with acoustic panels, the latter serving their designated purpose, as well as giving a certain individuality to the premises in which they are used.